Medical Applications.

Non invasive solutions for temperature measuring patients

Industrial Applications.

A myriad of uses to measure critical temperatures across all industries.

Food Safety.

From freezer to dishwashing – we can supply temperature measuring products to suit.

Baby Safety.

Small children need parental care – we have safety products available.

Heat Sensitive Labels for every application.

Heat sensitive labels or colour-change temperature indicators are printed labels that can change colour when a certain temperature is reached. These are used for a wide range of purposes and are a very cost-effective alternative or addition to expensive temperature monitoring devices.

If you need to measure the temperature of anything, be it machinery, electrical equipment, tools, household items, temperature specific environments, for quality control processes or even people, then you’ve come to the right place.

As exclusive New Zealand agents for TMC Hallcrest, we supply an array of specialist temperature measuring labels that can be used in a wide range of industries, environments and applications.

Colour change temperature indicating graphic devices for every application.

There are two types of temperature products available
(Thermax & Digi-Temp):

Great ideas for monitoring children’s temperatures

The applications are only as limited as your imagination.

SmartTags are suppliers of colour change temperature graphic devices, labels, materials and inks. this technology can be used in a wide array of industires and environments from heat to chilled, temperature measuring and food safety. Not to mention a complete range of temperature sensitive measurements for testing and safety in engineering, welding and fabrication.

Industrial Applications

Food Safety Applications

Medical Applications

Baby Safety