Brilliant ideas to monitor children.

We offer a wide range of child and baby safety temperature thermometers and indicators, combining technological innovation with accuracy and child friendly designs. Our products aim to provide added safety and reassurance to parents and carers, from the time a baby is born and through their early years. Our colour changing safety products help to ensure a child-safe environment. Our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, are long lasting, easy to use and completely safe.

Baby’s Bath Thermometer

Our thermometers span temperatures from 25°C to 60°C, and shows when the water temperature is too hot or cold. A tick appears when the water is just the right temperature.

Liquid crystal, baby safety temperature thermometers are particularly suited to childcare. We have a range of stock products available, and can also produce any new design or shape to your artwork.

Baby’s Anti-Scald Gauge

Check that your hot water cylinder temperature is not scalding hot by using an Anti-Scald Gauge. This is a temperature indicator which you put into hot water run from your hot tap. It will show if your hot water is within a safe temperature range, or too hot and potentially able to scald.

Our stock products are available from 250 pieces minimum, with or without your logo printed onto them (contact us for further information).

Babysafe Fever Thermometer

When at home or travelling, an infant or child´s temperature can quickly change. Having a liquid crystal Fever Indicator at hand is a safe and trouble free way to monitor body temperature. It simply applies directly to baby’s forehead. A fever can be quickly and accurately detected with minimum discomfort and stress.

Available in a 6 temperature version, indicating from 35°C to 40°C, or alternatively showing every 0.5 degree C. Usually packed in a clear protective sleeve or box, with instruction leaflet.

Accurate to 0.5˚C. Medical products CE approved.

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