Medical benefits are abundant.

Clinitrend® is a fast, simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary colour change technology.

These liquid crystal thermometers are disposable and designed for use on the forehead area only and are an ideal way to estimate the core body temperature and check for temperature changes. Unbreakable, quick reading device to be used between clinical thermometer readings and to monitor trends.

Specific disposal temperature ranges

Liquid crystals are chemical compounds and mixtures that exhibit the mechanical properties of liquids and the optical characteristics of solids. Liquid crystals that change colour with changes in temperature are known as Thermochromic Liquid Crystals (TLCs). Scientifically they are identified as Cholesteric Liquid Crystals. Micro-encapsulation is the process that primarily protects, stabilizes and makes the liquid easier to use.

Clinitrend® Anaesthesia Temperature Trend Monitor

Clinitrend® products utilise this technology and have been well studied and well documented to reliably reflect core body temperature of anaesthetised patients.

Clinitrend® products feature a continuous display of core adjusted temperature, as indicated by a bright line, which continuously moves back and forth across the temperature range.

Clinitrend® Features:

  • Continuous Display
  • Anesthesia through to Recovery
  • Easy to Read Moving Line
  • Hypo/Hyperthermia Monitoring
  • Non-Invasive–Cost Effective
  • Comparable to Oesophageal Probes
  • Core Adjusted Temperature Trends
  • Fast, Disposable, Latex-Free

Instructions for Use:

  1. Remove backing liner. Apply to centre of forehead, just above the eyebrows and read temperature when yellow line stops moving, generally 15 seconds. Read the indicator while it is still on the forehead.
  2. Centre of yellow line indicates the correct temperature.
  3. Please see package insert for complete instructions for use
  4. Readings should be taken at the centre of the line. Latex free.

Need a custom solution?

If you have a need to monitor temperature in any industrial or other environment, including commercial, in-home, medical or food safety, especially where heat injury or damage may result, then contact us for a tailor-made solution just for you.

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