Ensuring food that you prepare is safe for people to consume, everytime.

Proper food safety requires the knowledge of what to do and the discipline to ensure that everone involved in the food preparation process adheres to clearly set out proceedures.

Whether you are invloved in catering, restaurant operations or insititutional food service activities, we have a range of products  that can alert your staff with instant visual warnings of temperature excursions, thereby allowing for instant remedy.

Some of these products include:

  • Safetemp Plus – designed to complement centralised electronic temperature management systems without power or maintenance
  • Chillchecker – labels that light up when temperature is too warm
  • Freeze checker – alerts to warm temperature
  • Hot Zone – lights up when serving tray is too cool.
  • Thermostrip®DL – Surface Temperature Dishwasher Disinfection indicator
  • TDI – Thermal disinfectant indicator

Thermal Disinfection Indicator (T.D.I.)

Developed to withstand extreme conditions of industrial dishwashers, TDI Labels form part of HACCP procedures, giving a permanent record of sterilisation temperatures achieved.


These water resistant, irreversible labels are easy to use and accurate to +/- 1C. Giving a permanent record of thermal disinfection temperatures achieved, they clearly indicate when correct temperatures are not being achieved for evidence of health and safety due diligence.


Single Temperature Indicators are designed for regular and daily checks. Multi-Level temperature indicators are designed for a more in-depth check to prove what temperature level has been achieved.


Size: Horizontal, 25mmx35mm

Type: Self Adhesive

Scale: °C & °F

Pack Size: Sold in packs of 25/50 and reels of 1000

Adhesive: Acrylic

Film: Polyester


Thermostrip® DL

Dishwasher Temperature Labels

Thermostrip® DL is a self-adhering and waterproof color-changing label that measures the surface temperature of dishware in dish washing machines. Using Thermostrip® DL on a dish surface with each wash cycle will provide a record that the proper sanitation temperature has been reached. Section 4.7 of the Food Code calls for measuring sanitized food contact surfaces and utensils by an irreversible registering temperature indicator.


Part No. Description Range Size
P9001-24 Single Temperature Point Label 140°F/60°C 1/2″ x 1(3/4)”
P9007-24 Single Temperature Point Label 160°F/71°C 1/2″ x 1(3/4)”
P9009-24 Single Temperature Point Label 180°F/82°C 1/2″ x 1(3/4)”
P9002-24 Single Temperature Point Write-on Label 170°F/76.5°C 1/2″ x 1(3/4)”
P9003-16 Three Temperature Point Label



1/2″ x 1(3/4)”
P9008-16 Three Temperature Point Label



1/2″ x 1(3/4)”

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