Use Smart Tags to promote heated products.

Plenty of ideas and opportunities to use this intriging heat sensitive technology.

Use Smart Tags to promote chilled products.

Let’s your customers see the real chill factor of a refreshing beverage.

You can use our unique temperature sensitive label technology to help differentiate your brand from competitors.

Smart Tags can supply temperature sensitive labels for a wide range of promotional products. These range from temperature sensitive promotional labels that change colour to indicate optimum consumption temperature or labels that reveal prize or competition information when they achieve a certain temperature. The potential opportunities to imbed this smart technology into your product or promotional campaign are virtually endless. Why not give us a call to discuss how we can enhance your brand experience with consumers.

Heat sensitive stickers

So many uses  – here’s just an example. Use these stickers as a promotional tool for showing Hot Pizza. Other practical applications for this technology include:Other practical applications for this technology include:

• Hot or cold packaged products – from ice-cream to pizza – see Pizza Hut’s ‘Hot Spot’ promotion

• Interactive marketing and printed promotional campaigns – product tags or promotional stickers that change colour to reveal certain promotional/prize information when a specified temperature is reached

• Everyday consumer products – temperature indicating coffee cups, baby spoons, CD cases, book covers and toys.

• Security applications – for example in certain legal documents, cheques and prescription forms..

Coors Light ‘Cold Certified’ beer labels

Coors Light have done a great job of promotion its ‘Cold Certified’ beer using a temperature sensitive label that changes colour when the beer reaches the optimum temperature for consumption. The catch cry in their advertising states “When the mountains change colour, your beer is certified cold.” The thermochromic ink in the Coors Light label is formulated to change colour when the temperature reaches 4 degrees C.

Industrial Applications

Food Safety Applications

Medical Applications

Baby Safety