Irreversible Temperature Monitoring Labels

Thermax is a range of heat sensitive labels or stickers that change colour permanently to alert people that a maximum temperature has been achieved.

These are highly accurate, irreversible temperature indicators (labels & strips) that change colour permanently once the pre-determined temperature has been reached.

They provide a highly accurate irreversible indication of maximum temperature achieved by a simple colour change.

These temperature indicator labels are ideal for process and quality control, test temperature measurement, food industry safety and warranty applications.

Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.

Vertical formats

5 Level Strip

Self adhesive

8 Level Strip

Self adhesive

10 Level Strip

Self adhesive

Horizontal formats

4 Level Micro Strip

Self adhesive

4 Level Strip

Self adhesive

6 Level Mini Strip

Self adhesive

Encapsulated Indicators

Sealed single temperature indicators that are imprevious to oil and water.

Warm Range

Self adhesive

Hot Range

Self adhesive

Very Hot Range

Self adhesive

Extreme Heat Range

Self adhesive

Clock formats

Variable Temperatures

Self adhesive

A fast, simple temperature monitoring system based on proprietary colour change technology.

Feature rich technology:

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Immediate response
  • Permanent record of highest temperature
  • Oil, water and steam resistant
  • Accuracy tolerances
    • 29°C to 99°C +/-1°C
    • 100°C to 154°C +/-1.5°C
    • 160°C to 280°C +/-(1%+1°C)
    • Temperature range 29-290°C
  • Labels or strips
  • Silver to black colour change
  • Last black event is the highest temperature achieved.

Industrial Applications

Food Safety Applications

Medical Applications

Baby Safety